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Cameron Jeong


Austin, TX

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Growing up on a small town bordering Mexico, Cameron was inspiredby the similarities and differences in music she experienced beingbicultural and bilingual. Although her journey began as a dancer,learning various rhythms and styles to over ten different genressparked the musicianship in her soul.

Cameron began with piano lessons at a young age then vocal lessonsleading her to become the main vocalist for the Ellington Band in theTucson Jazz Institute. As she continues her musical education atArizona State University, she is studying songwriting and production inhopes to learn how to combine music with healing frequencies andvibrations in her original music.

Being a Hispanic Asian-American woman, Cameron is going againstthe current of musical marketing norms and drawing from her roots tocreate a space where her genre-fluid music can live and thrive whilstalso creating a community of artist and listeners who feel like they fitinto more than a single labeled box.

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