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Charlie Chen

Hiphop/indie pop

Los Angeles, CA

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Heavily influenced by Multilingual cultures (American & Chinese) Charlie found a channel to express his creativity through the love of music. He blends the East and West to offer a refreshing taste of Mandarin rap and Hip-Hop. 

Charlie Chen is a Chinese-German rapper, producer, and songwriter located in Los Angeles. Weaving notes into vibrant musical magic, and blending Eastern and Western cultures, he showcases the boundless possibilities of music in a unique artistic language. Skillfully infusing various styles and elements into the foundation of Hip-hop, he creates captivating diverse atmospheres, using notes to sketch vivid scenes, expressing life experiences and insights. His music flows with a strong stream of consciousness, which embeds emotions in lyrics and beats. They engage with the world by making connections to his listeners' hearts. He is also a storyteller who transcends cultural boundaries to convey unique perspectives and emotions through notes in order to craft an unforgettable musical realm.

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