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Trap Rap Hiphop 
Producer / Artist

Los Angeles, CA

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With an unwavering passion for music and a journey spanning five years as a music producer, KDawg stands as a formidable force in the world of music production. Influenced by the dynamic and groundbreaking sounds of industry icons such as Desiigner and Metro Boomin, KDawg has consistently strived to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation within the realm of music production.

凭借对音乐坚定不移的热情和长达五年的音乐制作人经历,KDawg 成为音乐制作界的一股强大力量。

受到 Desiigner 和 Metro Boomin 等行业偶像充满活力和开创性的声音的影响,KDawg 始终致力于突破音乐制作领域创造力和创新的界限。

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