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Austin, TX

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promqueen (she/they) is a second generation queer Vietnamese American based in Austin, built on authenticity, vulnerability, tu nhien(being natural), quirkiness, and cultural pride. promqueen writes music for herself, her family, and for other Asian Americans who have ever struggled with “not being Asian enough” while simultaneously “not being American enough” Her third single Exotic is a powerful and dynamic song released ahead of AAPI heritage month, reclaiming the overly sexualied and effeminate stereotypes attributed to AAPI women in the US.

About and her project as a whole, promqueen notes: "The promqueen project is a manifestation of a memoir I've been working on - there are songs about my mom, dad, and friends and me, working out what being a Vietnamese American person means to me. “It's the first project that has weight because it's tied to my family and it's the first time I've written in this genre. l include Vietnamese and English in my music because that's how l was raised - speaking both at home. It's not about me, it's about what promqueen represents, having pride in where she's from, her cultural upbringing, taking up space as a Vietnamese American, and not being afraid to put some of those challenges and vulnerabilities on the table.

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